Previous Programs-


Relistor for Opioid Constipation, Dr. Euguene Vicusi.  Complementary Therapy Options with Dr. Sarette Zecharia.  Opioid Act and Opioid Changes with Dr.Jerome Grove and Jon Carlson


ASZIPP/APS Dinner- Dr. Peter Staats discuss GammaCore, Dr. Steve Passik VP of Scientific Affairs and Opioid Policy for Collegium and Pete Wertheim with Pele Fischer from AOMA and ArMA



Opioid Action Plan Update, New SCS Options and Atypical opioid options (Dr. Levy, Dr Pergolizzi and Shelia Sjolander Asst. Dir. Arizona DHS)



Buprenorphine as an atypical opioid action, Dr. Richard Rauk.  Kelli Ward meet and greet, Introduction to the Opioid Action Plan.


May 8, 2014:
Drug testing and compliance, Marvel Hammer


January 26, 2012: Heathcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act, Shannon Groppenbacher, Director Heatrhcare and Advocacy, Johnson and Johnson


March 28, 2013: Patient selections and dosing strategies, Jeffrey Kesten MD, Medical director Red Rocks Center for Rehabilitation

March 28, 2013: Opioid induced Hyperalgesia, Michael Ossipov, PhD, Professor Departtment of Pharmacology, University or Arizona College of Medicine

August 29, 2013: National picture of Pain Management, Joseph Shurman MD, Chairman of Pain Management, Scripps Memorial Hospital

October 24, 2013: Buprenorphine transdermal system, Martin Hale MD.   Pharmacies and opioid Medications, Mark Boesen, PharmD, JD.  Kelly Ridgeway RPh, a pharmacist perspective

September 20th 2012, New perspectives on the management of pain, Charles Argoff MD, Director comprehensive pain program, Albany Medical Center

September 20th, 2012:  Novel analgesic therapies, Jeffrey Gudin MD, Director of Pain management and palliative care, englewood hospital NJ

May 3 2012, Managing risk and optimizing outcomes in the management of chronic pain.  Laura Brown MD and Darrell Contreras

April 26, 2011:  Medical Marijuana, the medical legal and regulatory issues.  Jennifer Bowlen, Robert Johnson, Mark Boesen

September 1 2011: "The Strain in Pain Lies Mainly in the Brain" Sean Mackey MD PhD, Chief, Division of Pain Management, Stanford University.  Risk Management in opioid use for chronic Pain, Steve Passik, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Medical College of Cornell University