The Arizona Pain Society is an association that intends to direct its activities to the improvement of pain medicine. It is a membership organization consisting of medical professionals and other interested parties, each of which share a common interest.

Pain is one of the most common reasons that people consult a physician; yet chronic pain frequently is inadequately treated, leading to enormous social cost in the form of lost productivity, personal suffering, and excessive healthcare expenditures. A synopsis of the mission statement for Arizona Pain Society centers around the following:

1. Advancing the field of pain medicine – enhancing the health care of our patients.
2. Educating its members, the medical community, and the public.
3. Interacting with other medical and specialty societies
4. Addressing issues of insurance, managed care and malpractice insurance
5. Interacting with local, state, and federal departments and agencies.

In order to achieve this consensus, it will be necessary to educate parties in these government departments and agencies as well as the state legislature. Educating these parties so that they can make informed decisions concerning the regulation of pain treatment is germane to the attainment of the Society’s objectives. The Society intends to interact with the Arizona medical Board, the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association, the State Board of Pharmacy, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.
**please see Mission Statement for full declaration**

We appreciate your cooperation, and are excited about the future of Arizona Pain Society

Mission Statement