The Arizona Pain Society (APS) was formed with the explicit goals of helping move forward the specialty of pain management. The goals include education, both for healthcare practitioners and patients, research, legislative education and support to form a more cohesive entity for all practitioners who are involved in the various aspects of pain management.

Stephen Borowsky M.D. was instrumental in forming APS with these goals in mind. The idea originated from a round-table case presentation dinner meeting that evolved into the pain society. We are indebted to his help and vision. In an ever more changing landscape for patients and healthcare providers, the original goals of the society continue to have a significant need.

After the tenure of Dr. Borowsky, Pattabi Kalyanam, M.D. took the reigns of APS and successfully continued the tradition of pain management education in the community. Sadly, Dr. Kalyanam passed away in 2010. We will miss his energy, enthusiasm, and passion for this specialty.

Jerome Julian Grove M.D. is the president of APS. The goals are to continue to be the educational hub for all issues related to pain management, continue to bring in national experts for relevant topics, expand the reach of APS into more communities in Arizona, and lastly to involve all parties (healthcare providers, office managers, business interests) involved in aspects of pain management as an "inclusive" society.

Arizona Pain Society